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Why read Offscreen?

A fresh perspective
We go beyond the big headlines of the latest and greatest and provide a more balanced, human view of new trends and developments in technology.

A buzzword-free zone
Tired of blown-up success stories or click-baity listicles? Here at Offscreen, we care about inspiring stories without the FOMO.

Real people, real stories
Meet the faces behind the interfaces. Our mission is to show the unpolished, human side of success and failure. We go deep and personal and love to ask difficult questions.

The power of print
The smell of ink, the touch of paper – Offscreen is a beautifully tangible product with the multisensory experience only print offers.

Read it (much) later
Paper is patient. Our stories are timeless. Collect our issues now and enjoy them whenever you get a chance. (They make for great travel reads!)

Proudly indie
Offscreen is an independent publication made with a passion for print and technology. We’re funded by our loyal readers and a handful of sponsors.