Issue 14 (sold out)

Lisa Bettany The photography geek with an app success story.

Joe Gebbia Airbnb’s co-founder designs for more trust on the internet.

Robin Hunicke How to create transformational video games, the indie way.

Rohan Gunatillake Finding ‘mobile mindfulness’ in the age of distraction.

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Table of contents

Now or Never
Food for thought by Jocelyn K. Glei.

Acknowledging Privilege
Food for thought by Bryce Roberts.

A Day in the Life of
Spend a day with Lara Hanlon.

A Day in the Life of
Spend a day with Daniel Lim Zhi Yi.

May I Ask
Jonathan Downey answers our questions about drones and the opportunities they provide for companies.

Lisa Bettany on a fall that ended her figure skating career, creating one of the App Store’s biggest success stories, and getting back to her roots in rural Canada.

Three Words to Anywhere
Event organiser Chris Sheldrick gives everyone and everywhere a memorable address.

The Crow & The Cave Dweller
To stay small or to grow big? To do the work or to delegate the work? Aaron Mentele weighs up the pros and cons.

Joe Gebbia on designing for trust as a key to the sharing economy, how a set of cereal boxes helped kickstart his company, and his favourite Airbnb review.

Happy Doing Business
Designer Meg Lewis is tired of hiding her happiness.

One Question
We asked Ashe Dryden, Iheanyi Ekechukwu, Imriel Morgan and Tracy Chou how we can collectively improve diversity efforts in our industry.

Gear Guide
Accessories for the modern web worker, by Jan Kovařík.

Robin Hunicke on her path to becoming a professor of game design, why playing games can be a life-changing experience, and the realities of running an indie game studio.

Look, No Hands!
Michelle Vandy found a cure for her RSI problems in the viral response to her YouTube videos.

Rules of Business
Guiding principles for doing business, by Glenn Gillen.

Rohan Gunatillake on moving beyond the concept of digital dualism, modernising monastic meditation techniques, and his struggle to keep career and self-worth separated.

A tour around the offices of VSCO, Daily Burn, Impact Hub Berlin, Fullscreen, and Return Path.

Sweet Surprise
Every month, Hank Rao sends hundreds of kilos of Japanese candy to customers all over America.

The Attention Economy
The price we pay for ‘free’: how to value our attention, by Tom Chatfield.

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