What Guides Us

Offscreen exists to critically examine our notion of ‘technological progress’ and ask questions about how we shape technology, and how technology shapes us. We celebrate innovation through introspective writing and human stories. Our publishing efforts promote technology guided by ethical, sustainable, inclusive, slow principles. We are invested in a kinder web.


Humanity first, technology second

We are dedicated to promoting empathy and compassion by bringing to the forefront the human stories that are at the heart of every new technology. We believe humanity is the key to true innovation and a sustainable future that works for all, not just for a privileged few.


Diversity and inclusiveness at heart

We publish Offscreen in the spirit of inclusiveness. We strive for a diverse group of contributors and readers alike, but also realise that we can always do more to better represent the true diversity of the people creating and using technology and the web.


Putting our readers first

First and foremost, we serve our readers who pay our bills and make Offscreen a sustainable publishing business. Every decision is made with the interests of our loyal readership (and their ongoing support) in mind.


Print as a complementary medium

We believe in the experience of print. We think print and digital will continue to co-exist as different, but complementary devices, each stimulating particular modes of thinking for particular moments of our day.


Unswerving editorial independence

Our selection of contributors and stories is driven by the value we think they provide to our readers. We do not accept payments to promote products or companies (except in the case of our sponsor pages, see 8).


Promoting environmental sustainability

Print is a resource-intensive medium. We take great effort to minimise our environmental footprint by using recycled materials and vegetable oil-based inks, as well as optimising our supply chain, and keeping the pulping of unsold copies to a minimum.


Encouraging openness and transparency

We encourage transparency in everything we do and commit to regularly sharing our process and decisions through our blog and social media. We remain accessible and responsive to feedback and questions.


Supported through sponsorships

We realise that the support of third parties is crucial in making Offscreen viable. We are proud of working with companies that understand the value of unobtrusive sponsorships and a great reader experience. Sponsors are clearly marked as such and have no influence on the editorial process.


Growth not for growth’s sake

Success should not be measured in sales figures alone. We believe in being great without being big. We don’t pursue growth for growth’s sake, but only if the above values can be upheld.