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Published three times per year in beautiful print, Offscreen Magazine is a thoughtful deep-dive into the entrepreneurial spirit and creative thinking of people working with technology.

In-depth interviews
Extensive, intimate interviews with creative thinkers, makers, and entrepreneurs.

Introspective essays
Food for thought through reflective, personal stories on life and work in a connected world.

New accessories and projects
A showcase of compelling innovative gear, ideas, and projects to watch.

Inspiration and advice
Diverse opinions and ideas by technologists from around the world.

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Offscreen Issue 17

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Field Notes

Peek behind the curtain: we love sharing our process and thoughts on indie publishing through our blog.

Help us get copies of Offscreen into the hands of students
UPDATE: This year's EDU Drive has come to an end and we'd like to express our sincere gratitude to our generous sponsors. My call for education providers two weeks ago resulted in around 40 applications. After ...

Free copies for students and tech newbies
The problem with most indie magazines is that their price is often prohibitive to students and people trying to get a foot in the door. I'd love to see more copies of Offscreen in the ...

Back to work
After a busy and intense seven months I was finally able to launch the newly designed website and issue 16 in March this year. But there was little time to celebrate. In publishing, after one issue ...


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What Readers Say

If you work pushing pixels or conjuring code, Offscreen Magazine will make you feel human again.

Calvin Teoh

I can’t get enough of Offscreen. I love every page of every single issue! Inspiring content and impeccable design!

Rafael Medeiros

Subscribed for the next three issues. Every Offscreen so far has changed the way I’ve wanted to conduct life and business. Keep it up.

Tim Riley

If you haven’t already, check out (and buy) Offscreen - probably the single most beautiful magazine I’ve ever seen. Inspiring stuff!

Buzz Usborne

Great design and great content. Also love the way Offscreen handles advertising with a fair, tasteful non-obtrusive approach. Other magazines should take note.

Jason Cotterell

The only thing disappointing about Offscreen is when you realise you’ve finished every article contained inside.

Andy Lwnski

It’s the first mag I’ve read every word, cover to cover (including the ads) ever such inspiring people. Just awesome.

Mark Stewart

Offscreen Magazine is a thoughtful dive into the lives of creatives, best enjoyed with a morning coffee.

Erin Anacker

My summary of Offscreen: emanates tranquility, restful for eyes and mind, content drew me in — I felt welcome, like sharing over cup of tea.

Ajara Pfannenschmidt

It’s rare these days to find a magazine that’s so infectious I sneak away from everything just to read another article. Nice!

Jamie Young

I whole heartily recommend Offscreen. Printed beautifully, lovely design and the content is even better.

Benjamin Reid

Offscreen is such a quality publication. It always leaves me feeling smarter and enthused about the world we live in.

Nicholas Krause

Every time I read something from Kai reminds me of the deep well of respect I have for what he’s done and will do with Offscreen.

John Barton

Last month I read issue 13 of Offscreen. I forgot how much I enjoyed reading a magazine. Now I remember! Thank you! Really amazing work!

Ana Sofia Pinho

I never thought I’d subscribe to a print magazine again in my life. And yet somehow Offscreen gets it so right that I did. Well done!

Jean Friesewinkel

Just received my copy of Offscreen. Even better than anticipated, great work. Haven’t seen a mag of this quality for a long time. Look forward to reading through it all.

Jay Hollywood

Excited! Received my first hard copy of Offscreen and not going to sleep until I read the last page.

Polina Kina

Reading Offscreen feels like applying a first aid kit for the soul. I’m keen to not rush it, to savour each page.

Ben Seymour

These days it takes me more time to read uninterrupted. But it was worth it for this gorgeous and insightful latest issue of Offscreen!

Thibault Lemaitre

Cannot wait to get my hands on the next Offscreen. This is such a masterpiece every time. Thanks a lot Kai for that joy!

Yannick Schutz

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