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Offscreen is an independent magazine about people who use the internet and technology to be creative, solve problems, and build successful businesses. Captured in enduring print, it documents stories of creativity, passion and hard work that enable our digital lifestyle.

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Print Is Dead. Long Live Print!

The irony of putting pixel people on paper is not lost on us. The publisher of Offscreen is a web designer by trade, longing for a break from an always-on, fast-paced digital lifestyle. Join him and the Offscreen community: put your tablet down, grab a coffee and enjoy the slow, multi-sensory experience of ink on paper. You'll realise that print has never felt so good.

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Issue No9

In this issue we speak with home-office entrepreneur and designer Cameron Moll; Facebook engineering alumna and investor Ruchi Sanghvi; printer of protective phone and gadget skins Drew Downs; open-source heavyweight and multi-talent Adrian Holovaty; designing doctor in physics and FreeAgent co-founder Roan Lavery; and Irish developer and Stripe co-founder Patrick Collison.

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Interviewees in Issue No9

  • Cameron Moll
    Designer/Founder of Authentic Jobs
  • Ruchi Sanghvi
  • Drew Downs
    Co-Founder of Nuvango
  • Adrian Holovaty
    Developer/Co-Founder of Soundslice
  • Roan Lavery
    Designer/Co-Founder of FreeAgent
  • Patrick Collison
    Developer/Co-Founder of Stripe
Latest Release Issue 9

There’s a constant barrage of social pressure and PR babble implying that the most important things in tech happen only at technorati ground zero.

Authentic Jobs founder Cameron Moll about being an entrepreneur based out of his home-office in Florida. Full interview in Issue No9.

Nothing is harder than having to grow personally in order to keep up with the growth of the company.

Ex-Facebook engineer, now investor Ruchi Sanghvi takes us back to the early days of the social network’s explosive growth. Full interview in Issue No9.

If you’re not ‘all in’ I don’t think you can actually understand the true potential of — or flaws in — your idea. There’s certainly a leap of faith required.

Co-founder of Toronto-based Nuvango, Drew Downs, talks about taking risks and committing himself fully to an idea. Full interview in Issue No9.

I completely attribute my ‘success’ in the journalism industry to the fact that I combined two disciplines in an uncommon way.

Django creator and co-founder of Soundslice, Adrian Holovaty about combining his various talents to make a name for himself. Full interview in Issue No9.

‘Keeping it simple’ has become a hideously overused mantra in our industry; you have to think about simplicity in a holistic sense.

FreeAgent co-founder and doctor of physics Roan Lavery about applying the principles of simplicity in the software design process. Full interview in Issue No9.

There’s a very different kind of fulfilment that comes from being a part of a team, finding the right people to solve different problems, and seeing them do so more effectively than I possibly could.

Stripe co-founder Patrick Collison about the challenges of his transition from developer to CEO. Full interview in Issue No9.


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