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Offscreen is an independent magazine about people who use the internet and technology to be creative, solve problems, and build successful businesses. Captured in enduring print, it documents stories of creativity, passion and hard work that enable our digital lifestyle.

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Print Is Dead. Long Live Print!

The irony of putting pixel people on paper is not lost on us. The publisher of Offscreen is a web designer by trade, longing for a break from an always-on, fast-paced digital lifestyle. Join him and the Offscreen community: put your tablet down, grab a coffee and enjoy the slow, multi-sensory experience of ink on paper. You'll realise that print has never felt so good.

Hot off the Press: Issue No8

Issue No8 brings you conversations with Australian-born banking maverick Josh Reich; New Orleans-based ed-tech entrepreneur Jennifer Medbery; the founder of award-winning digital agency Big Spaceship, Michael Lebowitz; creator and print devotee Richard Moross; trailblazing Paper and Pencil maker Georg Petschnigg; and Twitter's Vice-President of Design, Mike Davidson.

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Interviewees in Issue No8

  • Josh Reich
    Co-Founder of Simple
  • Jennifer Medbery
    Founder of Kickboard
  • Michael Lebowitz
    Founder of Big Spaceship
  • Richard Moross
    Founder of
  • Georg Petschnigg
    Co-Founder of FiftyThree
  • Mike Davidson
    Twitter VP of Design
Latest issue Issue 8

If you start off by laying a stake in the ground that you’re never going to profit from customer confusion, then you can’t rely on the old ways of success.

Simple Co-Founder Josh Reich about creating a more human and user-friendly banking experience. Full interview in Issue No8.

Those working in tech are — to a certain degree — self-taught and intrinsically motivated, and too easily forget that not everyone has the same innate curiosity and drive.

Kickboard Founder Jennifer Medbery warns against oversimplifying the shortcomings of a traditional education. Full interview in Issue No8.

We’re not in the business of producing design or code or strategy. We’re in the business of wielding those skills together to solve problems and make companies more successful.

CEO and founder of New York-based digital agency Big Spaceship, Michael Lebowitz, about his unique approach to client work. Full interview in Issue No8.

The business card isn’t perfect, but it works. It’s a little canvas on which you paint the picture of what you’re about.

CEO and founder of, Richard Moross has reimagined the good ol' business card, printing millions of them every year. Full interview in Issue No8.

Ideas need space, they are free-form, and all too often our technology gets in the way.

FiftyThree Co-Founder Georg Petschnigg and his team have developed an unparalleled, award- winning approach to personal creation in the digital age. Full interview in Issue No8.

Making comfortable people’s lives a little more comfortable is not the best we can do.

Vice-President of Design at Twitter, Mike Davidson, talks about his experience as an entrepreneur, moving to San Francisco and the design challenges within a fast growing tech company. Full interview in Issue No8.


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