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Offscreen is an independent magazine about people who use the Internet and technology to be creative, solve problems, and build successful businesses. Captured in enduring print, it documents stories of creativity, passion and hard work that enable our digital lifestyle.

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Issue No10

In this issue we speak with digital photography entrepreneur Amit Gupta, interactive installation artist and game developer Zach Gage, education technologist and non-profit CEO Iris Lapinski, tech journalism veteran and investor Om Malik, Behance founder and Adobe's Vice President of Products Scott Belsky, and Microsoft's up-and-coming product designer Andrew Kim.

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Interviewees in Issue No10

  • Amit Gupta
    Founder of Photojojo
  • Zach Gage
    Artist/Game Developer
  • Iris Lapinski
    Founder/CEO of Apps for Good
  • Om Malik
    Founder of Gigaom/Investor
  • Scott Belsky
    Co-Founder of Behance
  • Andrew Kim
    Product Designer at Microsoft
Latest Release Issue 10

I learned that hiring good people is really hard, but having to let them go because you can’t afford them is ten times harder.

Photojojo founder Amit Gupta about the life lessons he learned from his early years as teenage entrepreneur. Full interview in Issue No10.

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I’ve been hearing a lot of stories about people quitting their day jobs to chase indie-success, and I think a lot of people are in for a very hard lesson.

Interactive installation artist and game developer Zach Gage takes a realistic look at the challenges of the indie scene. Full interview in Issue No10.

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If Apps for Good had run 2,000 years ago, we might have taught pottery classes or whatever was leading-edge technology at the time to solve real-world problems.

Founder and CEO of Apps for Good, Iris Lapinski, sees technology as a means to an end in order to achieve her educational goal. Full interview in Issue No10.

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Today, I don’t think you have the luxury of three hours to figure out what you are going to write about. It’s all about being able to move at the speed of the network.

Tech journalist, investor and founder of Gigaom, Om Malik with a sober view of today's news cycle. Full interview in Issue No10.

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We’re all liable to create out of fascination rather than seeking to understand and solve a problem.

Behance founder and Adobe's Vice President of Products Scott Belsky makes the case for a more rational approach in bringing together creativity and business. Full interview in Issue No10.

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I can’t stand all the deception you see in products today — they create false promises, present an illusion of craftsmanship, and seduce using surface-level beauty.

Microsoft product designer Andrew Kim would like to see more honesty in the design of consumer products. Full interview in Issue No10.

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