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Meet Offscreen, an indie print magazine about purpose-driven people in technology.

Published 2–3 times per year in beautiful print, Offscreen Magazine is a slow, thoughtful counterbalance to the fast-paced tech coverage online. We explore innovative ideas through inspiring human stories. We love asking difficult questions about how we shape technology and how technology shapes us.

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What’s inside?

  • In-depth interviews with entrepreneurs, designers, thinkers, activists, researchers, and more.
  • Introspective essays and food for thought through personal stories on life and work in a connected world.
  • Purpose-driven projects that remind us of the tech’s original promise.
  • Insights and advice from a global, diverse group of creative technologists.

Why read Offscreen?

A fresh perspective
We go beyond the big headlines of the latest and greatest and provide a more balanced, human view of new trends and developments in technology.

A buzzword-free zone
Tired of blown-up success stories or click-baity listicles? Here at Offscreen, we care about inspiring stories without the FOMO.

Real people, real stories
Meet the faces behind the interfaces. Our mission is to show the unpolished, human side of success and failure. We go deep and personal and love to ask difficult questions.

The power of print
The smell of ink, the touch of paper – Offscreen is a beautifully tangible product with the multisensory experience only print offers.

Read it (much) later
Paper is patient. Our stories are timeless. Collect our issues now and enjoy them whenever you get a chance. (They make for great travel reads!)

Proudly indie
Offscreen is an independent publication made with a passion for print and technology. We’re funded by our loyal readers and a handful of sponsors.

Why in print?

As the name suggests, Offscreen is a magazine that explores what happens off the screen, outside the digital realm. We encourage you to put down your device, grab a cup of coffee, and enjoy a high-quality read the old-fashioned way. Reading it offline, in a distraction-free environment, allows us to step away from the fast-paced world of bits and pixels to reflect on our role within the web community and the impact we can have.

We love the tactile print experience and pride ourselves on making a superior product that doesn't cost the earth. (Offscreen is made from 100% recycled paper at our carbon-neutral printer in Berlin, Germany.) Find out more about our production.

Who’s behind Offscreen?

Originally a web designer, Offscreen publisher and editor Kai Brach launched the first issue of Offscreen in early 2012. Weary of the fast pace and the ephemeral nature of digital, after ten years of pushing pixels as a freelancer Kai decided to create something more tangible. Offscreen largely remains a one-man operation and a proudly independent magazine supported by readers, patrons, and sponsors.

Based in beautiful Melbourne, Australia, Kai hopes to reinvigorate printed magazines as a choice of media that provides a welcome break from our always-on lifestyle. With Offscreen he combines his love for technology and the web and the unique, mulitsensory experience of print. Find out more about Offscreen.

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What our readers say

If you work pushing pixels or conjuring code, Offscreen Magazine will make you feel human again.

Calvin Teoh

I can’t get enough of Offscreen. I love every page of every single issue! Inspiring content and impeccable design!

Rafael Medeiros

Subscribed for the next three issues. Every Offscreen so far has changed the way I’ve wanted to conduct life and business. Keep it up.

Tim Riley

If you haven’t already, check out (and buy) Offscreen - probably the single most beautiful magazine I’ve ever seen. Inspiring stuff!

Buzz Usborne

Great design and great content. Also love the way Offscreen handles advertising with a fair, tasteful non-obtrusive approach. Other magazines should take note.

Jason Cotterell

The only thing disappointing about Offscreen is when you realise you’ve finished every article contained inside.

Andy Lwnski

It’s the first mag I’ve read every word, cover to cover (including the ads) ever such inspiring people. Just awesome.

Mark Stewart

Offscreen Magazine is a thoughtful dive into the lives of creatives, best enjoyed with a morning coffee.

Erin Anacker

It’s rare these days to find a magazine that’s so infectious I sneak away from everything just to read another article. Nice!

Jamie Young

I whole heartily recommend Offscreen. Printed beautifully, lovely design and the content is even better.

Benjamin Reid

Offscreen is such a quality publication. It always leaves me feeling smarter and enthused about the world we live in.

Nicholas Krause

Every time I read something from Kai reminds me of the deep well of respect I have for what he’s done and will do with Offscreen.

John Barton

I never thought I’d subscribe to a print magazine again in my life. And yet somehow Offscreen gets it so right that I did. Well done!

Jean Friesewinkel

Reading Offscreen feels like applying a first aid kit for the soul. I’m keen to not rush it, to savour each page.

Ben Seymour

Cannot wait to get my hands on the next Offscreen. This is such a masterpiece every time. Thanks a lot Kai for that joy!

Yannick Schutz

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