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Another night in bed reading Offscreen Magazine. No other print publication gets me this good. — Freddie Harrison

The attention and dedication to quality work by Kai Brach is remarkable. — Smashing Magazine

Notwithstanding the plethora of web industry commentators, analysts, forecasters, sages and gurus which overpopulates the web itself and mainstream media, Kai is a rare case where journalistic excellence combines with a genuine understanding of the subject matter to put his interview subjects at such ease as to draw out of them deeply personal and revealing statements. He has done his research, and while his questions are short, the responses they elicit are often long and detailed. (...) I see Offscreen as occupying a very special place, defined by excellence. Offscreen #7 isn’t perfect – there are a few typos and layout glitches – but it pursues excellence, and with Kai Brach at the helm, might just attain it. — Ricky Onsman

Offscreen Magazine is one of our favourite publications for inspiration. — Veracity Colab

I love it how your ads are so beautiful, people enjoy reading them. Really says something about good design. Keep it up! :) — Noah Buscher

The enthusiasm, and unique offer, behind Offscreen has seen it embraced by the industry it represents as well as curious insiders. Offscreen also represents one of the first pure examples of the digital 'flip-flop' that will define the media of our age. — Michael Bojkowski

With so much noise, click-bait and drivel online it's good to take a break. Long live print and in-depth content! — Sean Bunton

Subscribed for the next 3 issues. Every Offscreen so far has changed the way I’ve wanted to conduct life and business. Keep it up. — Tim Riley

This is a pretty good lookin' magazine. Also, have to appreciate a mag that gives type design credit on the about page. — Jessica Hische

If you haven't already, check out (and buy) Offscreen - probably the single most beautiful magazine I've ever seen. Inspiring stuff! — Buzz Usborne

Offscreen Magazine is a thoughtful dive into the lives of creatives, best enjoyed with a morning coffee. — Erin Anacker

Just finished reading Offscreen issue 3 cover to cover in one sitting. A++++++++, would read again. — John Barton

Hands down my favorite magazine, always such a joy to receive it. — Sheri

I never thought I'd subscribe to a print magazine again in my life. And yet somehow Offscreen gets it so right that I did. Well done! — Jean Friesewinkel

It really is a lovely publication. Kai deserves a serious round of applause for pulling this off. I’m very much looking forward to future issues. — Scott Boms

If you work pushing pixels or conjuring code, Offscreen Magazine will make you feel human again. — Calvin Teoh

It was like a mini-vacation. You will not only enjoy Offscreen Magazine, you will be looking forward to reading the next one – like meeting with an old friend to catch up. I believe this idea, now realized in crisp, printed paper, is a much needed idea whose time has come. — Jän Ostendorf

I have Offscreen in my hands! Love the make and feel of it. First article already has me hooked. I liked the foreword and the whole premise behind it — putting a face to the pixels. So lovely. — grace

From the minute I took the magazine out of its carefully bubble-wrapped shipping envelope I knew it was something to be savoured. Each morning last week, I settled in to the stillness of the early morning to pore over each carefully crafted page. It all seems tightly edited and restrained: No filler. Overall I was thoroughly impressed by Offscreen. — James Martin

Just ordered another series of @offscreenmag issues. Most beautiful magazine I ever laid my hands and eyes on. — Jesper van Haaren

Just read my first edition of @offscreenmag. It won't be my last. — Andrew Salituri

As always the new copy of @offscreenmag is brilliant. Can't get enough of these. — Ollie Hoff

Just finished reading the first issue of Offscreen. Can’t wait to get home and order the second one, amazing! — Matias Melian

Kai, make sure to never stop producing @offscreenmag. Such an inspirational & interesting magazine! — Nils Hoenson

I can't get enough of Offscreen. I love every page of every single issue! Inspiring content and impeccable design! — Rafael Medeiros

The print quality is stunning, the typography well chosen to fit the content and I really look forward to which extent Kai grows beyond himself with his little project. — Benjamin Fritz

The newsletter, site and magazine itself feature such considered use of type, that you can almost hear design geeks squealing in delight, cycling caps being carried off by an inexplicable wind. Go buy one for yourself, then bliss out on design stories from both on- and offscreen. — Ros Hodgekiss

After reading just the editor's note in the new Offscreen, I am reminded what an awesome magazine it is. Keep the issues coming, Kai :) — Marko Ranđelović

Winding down on a #Friday is enjoying a good read of feature interviews #offscreenmag & a cup of Magic #latteart with people who matter HTHT. Never a dull moment. — Ashika Wong

Got my Offscreen issue 2 today. It is a work of art in itself. Great job Kai! — Mark Jardine

My summary of Offscreen: emanates tranquility, restful for eyes and mind, content drew me in — I felt welcome, like sharing over cup of tea. — ajara

Offscreen arrived yesterday. Was a real treat to kick back on the couch with a beer and have a read. Really impressive. Congrats. — Nathan McGinness

I whole heartily recommend Offscreen. Printed beautifully, lovely design and the content is even better. — Benjamin Reid

Read Offscreen issue #1 on the train from Berlin to Prague. First time in a long time that I've read a magazine cover to cover! NEED to get my hands on issue #2. — Georgia Fitzgerald

Fresh new Offscreen Magazine. Zippy zap! Good job on the new layout. — Simon

I was mightily impressed by the design, content and the smell of real ink and paper. — Andrew Areoff

Web workers: if you haven't discovered Offscreen Magazine, you're missing out. Required reading — thoughtful and beautiful. — Ashli Nixon

Man, reading Offscreen always inspires/excites me! I never expected to get so much out of a 'magazine'. — Rob Brogan

Good coffee and time alone with @offscreenmag, every designers saturday afternoon dream. — James Wood

If you work with pixels, buy a subscription to Offscreen Magazine right now - you're going to absolutely love what you see. — Eric E. Anderson

I love your mag... it's amazing with how much love and power you made a great product. — Sebastian Stabno

Finished No2 in one day, just like No1. Offscreen has earned a special place in my thoughts. Thanks for the fantastic work. — Peter Tullio

Just ordered my copy of Offscreen. Great enough to be exempt from my war on print. — Chet Yeary II

Just re-read the Jeff Veen interview in @offscreenmag number 6. It’s heartbreakingly good. This is my new go-to inspiration read. — Matthew Smith

Expensive, but it's the only magazine that I would happily pay for at the moment. Even the ads are tasteful. — Toan Louis

What I need is real people I can actually identify with. Offscreen is full of them; people who are two, five, ten years ahead of me, who share similar interests with me, and live a balanced lifestyle I can totally picture myself living five years from now. Reading about their lives just inspired me a ton. — Alexis Taugeron

Thanks for an amazing magazine, I was waiting for something like this for many years. Keep up the good work. — Martin Karásek

Love the idea of digital content presented in beautiful enduring print. Great design & great content. Rocking. Also love the way Offscreen handles advertising with a fair, tasteful non-obtrusive approach. Other magazines should take note. — Jason Cotterell

The only thing disappointing about Offscreen is when you realise you've finished every article contained inside. — Andy Lwnski

It's the first mag I've read every word, cover to cover (including the ads) ever…such inspiring people. Just awesome. — Mark Stewart

I got my copy of Offscreen Magazine in the mail this week, damn. Love it! Thanks Kai Brach for making this! — Jasper Hauser

50 pages into my first Offscreen Mag and I need a highlighter. So worth the $22. — Jeff Wheeler

It’s rare these days to find a magazine that’s so infectious I sneak away from everything just to read another article. Nice! — Jamie Young

Best things in life: dog, coffee and good book (or the best magazine in this case). — Artem Sapegin

The magazine is beautiful, and stuffed with much more great content than I expected. Good work! — Splendid

Finished reading Offscreen issue #2. Love the unpretentious format and content. — Bruno Monteiro

I’m smitten with everything about it: production values, design, and most important – the content. Super happy with it. — Chris Glass

Just received my copy of Offscreen. Even better than anticipated, great work. Haven't seen a mag of this quality for a long time. Look forward to reading through it all. — Jay Hollywood

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