Frequent Questions

Where is the ebook? How do I change my shipping address? Before contacting us, please browse through the frequently asked questions below. You might also be interested in our blog, where we share lots of behind-the-scenes insight in the making of Offscreen.


How long does delivery take?
We ship orders once weekly (usually Mondays) from our distribution centre based in Berlin, Germany. Shipping within the EU usually takes 2-7 working days, to North America and Australia/NZ 7-15 working days and a bit longer to the rest of the world.

How much is shipping?
Worldwide shipping is already included in all prices shown on our website. By the way, packaging and shipping accounts for almost a third of the price we charge you. Read more about our price transparency.

Do I have to use PayPal to check out?
No. We offer PayPal and direct checkout with your Visa or Master card.

Do you ship worldwide?
Yes, we do. Make sure your shipping address is correct! Please provide your full shipping address in Latin alphabet characters only.

Can I check the status of my order?
Yes. Your status page shows which items of your order have already shipped. Please refer to your email receipt for details.

Can I track my shipment?
In order to keep prices low, we offer live-tracking of shipments for wholesale orders only.

How can I change my shipping address?
Please log in to your order status page to check/edit your shipping address.

Do you offer special discounts?
Yes, see here if you order in large quantities or are an edu or a non-profit. If you want to sell Offscreen, see our stockist page.


How do magazine subscriptions work?
A subscription is basically an order for three issues. Any available issues are sent out to you right away, others are shipped as they are being released in the future. Subscriptions do not renew automatically, but we’ll remind you via email about new issue releases. You can see your subscription status and change your shipping address any time through our order status section.

Is there a digital version of the magazine?
No, we are not planning on making the magazine available in any ebook format. We are all about what happens outside our digital world, so reading it ‘offscreen’ (sound familiar?) makes sense to us. More on that here.

How often do you publish new issues?
We try to remain flexible but aim for 3-4 issues per year. Sign up for our to get an email whenever a new issue is available.

Will you reprint sold out issues?
We appreciate your interest, but due to various reasons we do not reprint any issues that have sold out. Please understand that it isn’t as simple as ‘making a few more copies of existing files’. Only producing a few thousand copies makes a single print run viable.


Do you have a press or media kit?
We used to, but it kept going out of date. Please see our media download folder for image material, check the About page for Offscreen's background story and get in touch if you need more info.

Who is behind Offscreen?
Offscreen is the brainchild of Kai Brach, a German-born, Australian-based web designer. More background on the magazine in our About section. Get in touch if you have questions.

Can I contribute to the next issue?
Please note that we usually don’t accept self-invitations for our lengthy interviews. We do, however, appreciate your suggestions for people you think we should consider. If you are a PR representative and you want to ‘feature’ your client in our magazine, please see here.

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